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Derieva's Published Works include:

__________   Poetry

Handwriting (In Russian), Alma-Ata, Zhazuchy.1978
Life Junction (In Russian), Alma-Ata, Zhazuchy.1980
The First Sledge Road of Winter (In Russian), 
Alma-Ata, Zhazuchy.1985
Two Skies (In Russian),, Alma-Ata, Zhazuchy. 1990
Absence (In Russian), Tenafly, New York, Hermitage.1993
Prayer of the Day (In Russian), 
Jerusalem, Radost' Voskresenia Publishers.1994
The Last War (Sound book: CD), 
Israel, Holy Land Records Ltd. Company.1998
De Profundis (In Russian), Jerusalem, Magnificat Institute. 1998
Via Crucis (In English, Italian, and Russian), 
Jerusalem, Magnificat Institute.1998
Inland Sea and Other Poems (In English), 
South Shields, The Divine Art. 1998
The New Little Flowers of St. Francis (In Italian and Arabic), 
East Jerusalem, Artistic Press.1998
The Pilgrim's Star (In English), South Shields, The Divine Art.1999
L'Etoile du Pelerin (In French), South Shields, The Divine Art. 1999
Instructions for Silence (In French, English, and Russian), 
Latroun Abbey.1999
In Commemoration of Monuments (In English and Russian), 
East Jerusalem, Art Printing Press. 1999
Fugitive Space (In Russian), Stockholm, Hylaea. 2001,
The Last Island (In English and Russian), Stockholm, Hylaea. 2002
Himmelens Geometri  (In Swedish), Skelleftea, Norma-Artos. 2003
Sobranie Dorog: Selected poems (In Russian), 
St. Petersburg, Aletheia. 2005
Alien Matter (in English), New York, Spuyten Duyvil. 2005
Oavbrutet svarta bilder (In Swedish), 
Göteborg, Carl Forsbergs bokförlag. 2007
Allt som tolv kejsare inte hunnit säga (In Swedish)
Ars Interpres Publications, Stockholm, 2006
Oavbrutet svarta bilder (In Swedish).
Göteborg: Carl Forsbergs bokförlag, 2007.
The sum total of violations (in English), Translated by Daniel Weissbort.
UK: Arc Publications, 2009.
Corinthian Copper (in English), Translated by J. Kates
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI: Marick Press, 2010.
Chleb i Sól (In Polish). Poznan: Flos Carmeli, 2015.
Selected poetry & prose in 2 volumes (in Russian). 
St. Petersburg: Zhurnal "Zvezda", 2015.
Den tatuerade Mnemosyne (In Swedish). Stockholm: AIP, 2016.
Speglingar (In Swedish). Bonn: Pamphilus Press, 2020.
Earthly Lexicon (in English), Washington: Marick Press, 2019/2020.
Images in Black, Continuous (in English), Translated by Frederick Smock. 
Boston: M-Graphics Publishing, 2021.
Efter Pictor (In Swedish). Bonn: Pamphilus Press, 2021.

 __________  Essays

Three Possibilities to See the Kingdom of God (In English), 
Jerusalem, Alphabet Publishers.1994
The Meaning of Mystery (In English), 
Jerusalem, Proche-Orient Chretien - Modex.1998

 __________  Prose

In the World of Awful Thoughts
(In Russian), East Jerusalem, Art
Printing Press. 1998
The World is Full of Fools (in Russian),
Moscow, Text. 2002
De yttre tingens ordning. Sentenser, sarkasmer, paradoxer. 
Stockholm: Bokförlaget Faethon, 2020.

___________Translation into Russian

Frederick Smock, Poems
Ars-Interpres, New York, 2002
Les Murray, The End of Symbol
Ars-Interpres, New York - Stockholm, 2004
John Kinsella, The Sky's Imperative
Ars-Interpres, New York - Stockholm, 2004 .
Daniel Weissbort, The Name's Progress
Ars Interpres Publications, Stockholm, 2006

___________Poems and Prose Published in Anthologies

An Hour of Poetry (Russian). Moscow: Molodaya Gvardiya, 1965.
Joking Aside! (Russian). Alma-Ata: Zhazuchy, 1989.
An Anthology of Russian Free Verses (Russian). Moscow: Prometei, 1991.
Strophes of the Century: An Anthology of Russian Poetry (Russian). 
  Moscow and Minsk: Polyfact, 1995.
Christus in der russischen Literatur.
  München: Verlag Otto Sagner in Kommission, 1999.
An Anthology of Contemporary Russian Women Poets
  Manchester: Carcanet Press, 2005.
New European Poets. Minneapolis: Graywolf Press, 2008.
The Poet and His World. Nicosia: En Tipis Publications, 2010.
IOU: New Writing on Money. Concord, MA: Concord Free Press, 2010.
Hamlet. Variations. Through the Pages of Russian Poetry (Russian). 
  Moscow: Tsentr Knigi Rudomino, 2012.
“From Those Who Remember Me”. Tomsk: 2015.
“'In Holy Week”. Moscow: Art-Vision, 2021.

You can learn about amazing  vicissitudes of the poet Regina Derieva
from the following sources:

New York  Times, November 25, 1996 
(article by Serge Schmemann) click here
L'Osservatore Romano, February  27,1999 
(article by Graziano Motta) click here
The Guardian, May  15, 1999 
(article by David Sharrock)
The Tablet, July 17, 1999 
(article by Joshua  Brown)
Svenska Dagbladet, November 11, 1999 
(interview with R. Derieva by Nina  Solomin 
and Bengt Jangfeldt)
Svenska Dagbladet, July 4, 2003
(interview with R. Derieva by Ricki Neuman)
click here

Other biographies of Regina  Derieva also can be found in:

• Wolfgang Kasack, “Regina Derieva,” in Kindlers Neues Literatur
Lexikon, ed. Rudolf Radler, Band 21 (München:  Kindler, 1998). 
• Who is Who in the Churches of Jerusalem, 2nd ed., s. v. “Regina Derieva” (Moscow-Jerusalem:  Bridges of Culture, 1999).

"My Face Toward the Impossible: Regina Derieva, 1949-2013
by David Deavel.
Gilbert Magazine Vol. 21 # 3, 2018


Secondary Sources

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Reviews of books by Regina Derieva

Reviews of books by Regina Derieva

Reviews of books by Regina Derieva

Recent Books

De yttre tingens ordning : 
sentenser, sarkasmer, paradoxer
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Images in Black
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